The Clay County Economic Development Council

is responsible for recruiting and strengthening all industrial and economic development initiatives for the county and cities of Ashland and Lineville.

Clay County is located in the heart of east Alabama, where target industries and workforce find success in business and personal life. Our centralized location in the southeast offers a favorable tax structure, an able and educated workforce, proximity to post-secondary schools, and a friendly, family-oriented community.


Chance Jones,
Executive Director

CCEDC Board of Directors

  • Roy Johnson

  • Liz Villman

  • Jerry Colquett

  • Irving Thompson

  • Mike Sparks

  • Norman Gibbons

  • Billy Walker

  • Graham Lane

  • Paul Wellborn

  • Charles “Buddy” Griffin

40717 Hwy 77
Ashland, AL 36251
(256) 276-9319

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